Calling all scientists – what’s it like being you?

Press Release

27 March 2014

What motivates scientists and what pressures are they under? What effects are funding, publishing and governance systems having on the production of high quality, ethical scientific research? Is competition in science a good thing?

Launch of films and findings on involvement of children and young people in clinical research ethics

26 March 2014

The Council has launched two films as part of a project in support of its current work on children and clinical research.

Council holds roundtable on cosmetic procedures

19 March 2014

On 28 January 2014 the Council held a roundtable scoping meeting to help explore and establish the major ethical and societal questions raised by the increasing use of cosmetic procedures.

The aim of this roundtable meeting was to bring together a range of experts to advise the Nuffield Council on Bioethics about how it might usefully contribute to debates surrounding cosmetic procedures and related discussions of body modification, beauty and normalness.

Council welcomes developments in improving dementia care

7 March 2014

New proposals in the government's plan to improve dementia care closely reflect the advice published by the council in 2009. Last week NHS England announced that it will invest £90 million to improve diagnosis of dementia, and it reported that major businesses including Marks and Spencer, Argos, Lloyds Bank and others have committed to becoming more dementia friendly.

Draft regulations on mitochondrial replacement techniques echo Council recommendations

27 February 2014

The Government has today published a consultation on draft Regulations to allow the use of new treatments to avoid inherited mitochondrial DNA disorders.

The use of animals in scientific research: Government delivery plan reflects Council recommendations

26 February 2014

A cross-departmental Government Delivery Plan aimed at reducing the use of animals in research has reflected some of the key recommendations made in the Nuffield Council’s 2005 report on the ethical issues raised by research involving animals.

Council gathers evidence on children and clinical research

25 February 2014

Over recent months the Council’s Working Party on children and clinical research has held a series of factfinding meetings as part of the evidence gathering process for this project.

The aim of the meetings has been to gather views and evidence through speaking to a wide range of people including medical professionals and researchers, academics, and those involved with the governance of healthcare and research.

Council appoints new members

10 February 2014

We are delighted to announce the appointment of three new members of Council:                                           

Dr Andy Greenfield

New project on the culture of scientific research

5 February 2014

The Council is co-ordinating a new project that will examine the culture of scientific research in the UK. The project will gather views on the pressures currently experienced by researchers, how this affects the behaviour of researchers and the research they produce, and debate what might be needed to maintain an ethical culture for scientific research in the future.

New guidance on transcranial magnetic stimulation echoes Council’s call for more evidence collection

23 January 2014

New guidance from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) reflects some key recommendations of the Council’s report on novel neurotechnologies.