Future work topics: seeking your input

2 October 2012

What do you think are the burning bioethics issues that the Council should be working on over the next few years?

We would like to hear from you with your comments and ideas on a range of topics that may be chosen as possible future work themes. Download a summary of future work topics to read more about the issues that have been suggested to the Council, from human enhancement and the pursuit of longer living to population control and the social determinants of health.

HFEA consultation on ‘mitochondria replacement’ techniques

17 September 2012

The HFEA has today launched a public consultation on the ethics of new IVF-based techniques designed to prevent inherited forms of mitochondrial DNA disorders.

The consultation will garner public views on the question of whether techniques to replace ‘faulty’ mitochondria with healthy mitochondria from a donor egg, should be introduced into treatment for UK patients who are at risk of having a child with a mitochondrial DNA disorder. At present, such techniques are may only be used lawfully in research settings.

Strategic Plan 2012-2016

21 August 2012

Following the completion of a wide ranging strategic review in 2011/12, the Council has published a Strategic Plan for the period 2012 – 2016.

Council to collaborate on neurotechnologies theatre project

13 August 2012

The Council will be an advisory partner on a new play, ‘Brainwaves’, which explores the ethical and social impact of developments in neurotechnology.

Council holds factfinding meetings to hear first-hand about donor conception

25 July 2012

Over recent months, the Council’s Working Party on donor conception has hosted a series of eight factfinding sessions, involving more than 50 people with personal experience of donor conception, or who work closely with those involved. These factfinding meetings aimed to provide a forum where the many different views about these issues could be heard, as part of a wider evidence gathering process undertaken for this inquiry.

Discussion event: Novel techniques for the prevention of mitochondrial DNA disorders: an ethical review

15 June 2012

On 12 June 2012, the Council held a discussion event in Westminster Palace to launch its report, ‘Novel techniques for the prevention of mitochondrial DNA disorders: an ethical review’.  Find out more about this report.

Novel techniques to prevent mitochondrial DNA disorders would be an ethical treatment option

Press Release

12 June 2012

Following a review of the ethical issues raised by techniques that aim to prevent the transmission of maternally inherited mitochondrial disorders, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics says that the techniques would be an ethical treatment option for affected families, provided research shows that treatment is likely to be safe and effective, and families are offered full information and support.  

Box Office Bioethics: 2012 winners

22 May 2012

We are delighted to announce the winners of our student film competition, Box Office Bioethics.

Submissions from schools and universities all over the country were evaluated by a panel of judges including three Council members and three special guest judges with expertise in bioethics, science communication and film-making.

Are global health policies good for public health in developing countries?

21 May 2012

Dr Amar Jesani gave the Council's Annual Lecture at the Wellcome Collection in London on Wednesday 16 May 2012.

Download the slides from the lecture.

Annual Report 2011

14 May 2012

The 2011 Annual Report is now available online. You can download the report for information on all the activities and developments from our 20th anniversary year, including: