Broadening bioethics: clinical ethics, public health and global health

Baroness Onora O’Neill gave the Council's Annual Lecture at the Royal Society of Arts on Thursday 19th May 2011.

Download a transcript of the lecture.

Watch a video of the lecture.

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Council cited in White Paper on public health

The Coalition Government has published a White Paper, Healthy lives, healthy people, which outlines its strategy for public health in England.  The White Paper draws on the Council’s ladder of intervention, as set out in its 2007 report Public health: ethical issues.

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Council hosts roundtable to inform Public Health White Paper

To help inform the Government’s forthcoming Public Health White Paper, on 11 November the Council hosted a roundtable meeting with Government officials and leading experts to consider the role of central government in public health.

The event was framed around the Council’s 2007 report Public health: ethical issues, which set out guiding principles for making decisions about public health policies.

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Public health - Chapter downloads

You can download the individual chapters of this report using the links below. (All files are PDF and less than 250 KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to public health

Chapter 2 - An ethical framework

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Public health - Media coverage

Highlights of media coverage about the report






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Public health - Public health consultation responses

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has decided that, where possible, it will post consultation responses on its website. The Working Party has found the replies extremely useful and has considered all the responses.

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Public health - Terms of reference

  1. To identify and consider ethical, legal and social issues arising when designing measures to improve public health

  2. To consider, by means of case studies:

    1. the variety of aims for such measures, such as informing individual choices and protecting the wider community, and their relative priorities

    2. the role of autonomy, consent and solidarity

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Public health - Water fluoridation

Download a PDF of Chapter 7 - Fluoridation of water (180KB)

Fluoridation involves adding fluoride to the water supply with the aim of improving dental health. At present around 10 per cent of the UK population receives a water supply that either has been fluoridated to a certain level or has a similar amount of fluoride present naturally.There has long been debate over whether fluoridation schemes should be rolled out in other areas of the UK.

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Public health - Alcohol and tobacco

Download a PDF of Chapter 6 - Alcohol and tobacco (240KB)

Alcohol and tobacco are enjoyed legally by many people in the UK and other countries, despite their serious health risks.

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Public health - Obesity

Download a PDF of Chapter 5 - Obesity (237KB)

Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for several health conditions, including diabetes, stroke, some cancers, and lung and liver problems. The number of people who are obese has increased substantially over the past few decades in the UK and in many other countries. The UK currently has the highest rate of obesity in Europe. The causes of obesity are complex, and there are no simple solutions.

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