Solidarity - Second workshop on solidarity

A second workshop to inform the Council's solidarity fellowship project was held on 7 July 2011 in London. The one-day meeting brought together experts to discuss how the findings of the theoretical analysis carried out so far might be applied to questions of policy making in the areas of:

  • biobanks

  • lifestyle diseases

  • pandemics

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Solidarity - First workshop on solidarity

As part of the ongoing project on solidarity, an expert roundtable workshop took place on 13 May 2011 to discuss theoretical issues around the use of solidarity in recent bioethical writing.

Experts from a wide range of subjects, including law, philosophy, the social sciences, political theory, theology and forensic sciences attended the meeting.

A number of questions were debated, including:

  • Why has interest in solidarity risen recently?

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Fellowship on solidarity in bioethics

We are delighted to announce that Dr Barbara Prainsack has started a six month fellowship working with the Council on the theme of “Solidarity as a core value in contemporary bioethics”.

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Dementia - Dilemmas in care

Download a PDF of Chapter 6 - Dilemmas in care (816KB)

Ethical dilemmas arise on a daily basis for those providing care for people with dementia. The way in which these dilemmas are approached will have significant impact on the lives of people with dementia and their carers. This is why support in dealing with ethical issues is crucial. We discuss several specific dilemmas below.

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Dementia - Ethical framework

Download a PDF of Chapter 2 - An ethical framework (799KB)

The report sets out a 6–part ‘ethical framework’ to help those who face dilemmas in connection with the day-to-day care of someone with dementia.

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Dementia: ethical issues video

Professor Tony Hope, chair of the Working Party on Dementia, Council member Dr Rhona Knight, and Hugh Whittall, Director of the Council, discuss some of the Council's key recommendations on ethical issues raised by dementia care.

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Dementia carers need more support in tackling ethical dilemmas

Carers of people with dementia need more support and advice to tackle the difficult ethical dilemmas that they face on a daily basis, says the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in a major report today.

The report sets out an ethical approach to dealing with these dilemmas, and makes policy recommendations aimed at improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Professor Tony Hope, chair of the Working Party that produced the report and a psychiatrist with many years of experience of working with people with dementia said:

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