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COVID 19 nurse

Multimedia content

George Washington University Bioethics Interest Group (2020) Ethics and COVID-19: a webinar series

OECD (29 May 2020) Treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19: the need for coordinating policies on R&D, manufacturing, and access (presentation)

Radio 4 (7 April 2020) Inside Health: the virus (section on moral injury)

Radio 4 (5 April 2020) Sunday: includes a discussion on ethical principles which underscore the decisions around providing life-saving treatment during the pandemic.

Radio 4 (1 April 2020) The global philosopher – pandemic ethics

WYPR (27 March 2020) Ruth Faden: medical ethics during the COVID-19 pandemic

The New Yorker podcast (20 March 2020) Radio hour: includes discussion on the ethical quandaries facing doctors on the frontline of the COVID-19 response in the US.

Philosophical disquisitions (17 March 2020) Ethics in the time of corona

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Ethics Network (20 April 2020) Epidemics ethics: why should ethics be front and centre to the response to COVID-19. Is it?

The Moral Maze (4 March 2020)

Ethics Talk podcast: COVID-19 pandemic response (March 2020)