Genome editing and farmed animals

Current Project

Current in-depth inquiry

Cow in field flipped

We are interested in finding out more about what is happening currently in research contexts. We would like to know what genome editing technologies in farmed animals are currently being developed and how this field is likely to progress in the future. We are also interested in hearing about what technical advantages genome editing, as compared with alternative agricultural technologies, might have in the field. These include traditional breeding but also other methods of molecular DNA alteration (e.g. transgenic modification). We would also like to hear about research projects that are currently planned or in progress, what their objectives are, and what factors are driving or limiting these projects.

What current or planned projects of research into the use of genome editing in farmed animals do you think we ought to take into account in our inquiry?

What kinds of innovation does genome editing make possible (or practical) that selective breeding or transgenic modification techniques do not?

Are there biological reasons why particular (kinds of) applications in farmed animals are more or less likely to be developed and used than others?

Are there any technical constraints or bottlenecks holding up genome editing research in this field?

What are the expected timescales within which we might expect to see particular genome editing applications being used on farms?