The future of ageing

Current Project

Current in-depth inquiry

This inquiry is exploring ethical questions in relation to the role of science and technology in helping people live well in old age.

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Engagement programme

Public dialogue

We commissioned a deliberative public dialogue to help explore people’s views on our draft recommendations and provisional findings on key issues addressed by our in-depth inquiry.

Engagement workshops

We have run a series of creative engagement workshops to enable our working group to hear directly from older people about their experiences of science and health technologies and their views on how these might affect their lives in future.

These engagement workshops consisted of the following:

  1. Online workshop with members of the Bristol Older People’s Forum
  2. Open forum with members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, in collaboration with Sonder Radio
  3. Workshop with the West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre
  4. Intergenerational roundtable event in Exeter
  5. Workshop with Growing Older with Learning Disabilities network in Greater Manchester

Following on from these workshops, Bella Starling, Chair of the future of ageing working group has written a blog on what we have learned from our engagement work.

Call for evidence and survey

We ran an open call for evidence and survey for practitioners that work with older people from June - August 2021.