Members of the Council participate in a wide range of international meetings and activities. The Council has close links with other ethics bodies abroad, especially those in the European Union.

20th anniversary global health symposium, 2011

The Council organised an international symposium exploring global health inequalities on 22-23 June 2011 in London. Find out more

Meetings with National Bioethics Commissions

The Council regularly meets with the French and German National Bioethics Commissions to discuss bioethics topics of mutual interest and share best practice. Find out more

Trilateral meeting 2007

Members of the French National Ethics Commission in London, June 2007

International meetings of national bioethics advisory bodies

Council representatives take part in the biennial Global Summit of National Bioethics Advisory Bodies. Find out more

Representatives from the Council also take part in the Euopean Commission's Forum of National Ethics Committees (NEC Forum) which takes place twice a year. Find out more

UNESCO Assisting Bioethics Committees project

The Council is involved with a UNESCO programme to help establish and support national bioethics committees in its member countries, called the Assisting Bioethics Committees project. Find out more