We are delighted to announce the panel of judges for the inaugural year of the Council’s student film competition, Box Office Bioethics. The panel will include three Council members and three special guest judges.

Council members

Dr Rhona Knight Rhona Knight Oct 09 Dr Rhona Knight is a General Practitioner in Leicester, and Senior Clinical Educator at the University of Leicester. She has an interest in making bioethical issues accessible and understandable to non-specialist audiences. Rhona is a Member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and is Chair of the Education Advisory Group. Dr Tim Lewens Tim Lewens Dr Tim Lewens is a Reader in Philosophy of the Sciences in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, and Fellow of Clare College, at the University of Cambridge. He has been Co-Chair of the Cambridge Bioethics Forum since 2002. His primary research interests are the philosophy of biology, philosophy of science and bioethics. Dr Geoff Watts Geoff Watts 3 Dr Geoff Watts spent five years in research before becoming a science and medical writer and broadcaster. He presented BBC Radio 4’s Medicine Now and its science programme Leading Edge.

Special guest judges

Professor Andy Miah Professor Andy Miah resized Professor Andy Miah is an ethicist, journalist, author and presenter. He is Director of the Creative Futures Research Centre at the University of the West of Scotland. Andy has published over 100 articles in journals, magazines, books and national media on subjects including digital media, medicine, technology, human enhancement and sport. http://www.andymiah.net/ Alom Shaha Alom Shaha for web Alom Shaha is a film-maker, writer, and physics teacher. He has written, produced and directed a number of TV programmes on science and worked on BBC series including Horizon, Science Shack and What the Victorians did for Us. http://alomshaha.com Adam Wishart Adam Wishart for web(2) Adam Wishart is a writer and documentary maker. In 2011 his documentaries ‘Should I test my genes’ and ’23 Week babies: the price of life’ were broadcast on BBC2. His 2007 documentary, Monkeys, Rats and Me, won the Grierson Award for the best Science Documentary. http://www.adamwishart.info/
Box Office Bioethics is open to students in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We are inviting submissions of short films on medical and scientific issues that matter to young people today. Winners will receive £200 in gift vouchers and their film will be shown at the Council's annual public lecture in London in May 2012.Submissions will be accepted until 24 February 2012.
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