An international line-up of speakers and 130 guests discussed current initiatives and future challenges in global health inequalities at the Council’s 20th anniversary symposium on Wednesday 22 June in London.After exploring the ethical and moral arguments for improving health globally, three specific areas were explored: the social determinants of health; chronic and non-communicable disease; and the role of emerging biotechnologies. Participants agreed that disparities in health are real and ethically troubling, and that there is a complex set of responsibilities for tackling the problem.Find out more, and download the programme and speaker slidesWatch a video of interviews with the speakers and highlights of the day:On 23 June, the speakers and Council members met to reflect on the outcomes of the symposium and consider what contribution the Council might be able to make in this area. The Council would like to express its warmest thanks to the speakers for sharing their invaluable expertise and advice, and for travelling such long distances to be with us.Sign up for updates about the Council’s international activities.

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Participants on 23 June, left to right: Ray Hill, Hugh Whittall, Catherine Joynson, Graeme Laurie, Katharine Wright, Florencia Luna, Amanda Burls, Rhona Knight, Varsha Jagadesham, Nouzha Guessous, Alena Buyx, Jonathan Wolff, Albert Weale, Aceme Nyika, Hugh Perry, Nik Rose, Manuel Ruiz de Chavez, Frances Baum, Andrew Tylecote, Amar Jesani, Alison Murdoch, Sian Harding, Thelma Narayan, Anthony Mullings, Renzong Qiu, Søren Holm, Geoff Watts, Peter Mills.