Three new members have been appointed to the Council: Mr Anatole Kaletsky, Editor at Large of The Times, Dr Rhona Knight, a GP and lecturer, and Professor Hugh Perry, a neuroscientist at Southampton University.

In addition, Professor Sir John Krebs FRS, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, has been co-opted onto the Council for the period of the Working Party on Public health: ethical issues, which he is chairing.

A new process for appointing members to Council was implemented in 2005. Vacancies in specific areas of expertise were advertised in the press and on the Council’s website. A list of applications was reviewed by the Council's Membership Panel and a selection of suitable candidates was then put forward to the Council for consideration.

Mr Anatole Kaletsky

Anatole Kaletsky is Editor at Large of The Times of London and a founding partner of an economic, political and financial consultancy firm. He has 30 years experience as a journalist on publications such as the Financial Times and The Economist.

Dr Rhona Knight

Rhona Knight has a portfolio career in medicine. She works as a General Practitioner in Peterborough, and is involved in medical education in Leicester. She has an interest in making bioethical issues accessible and understandable to non-specialist audiences.

Professor Sir John Krebs FRS

Principal of Jesus College, Oxford. He is the former Chairman of the Foods Standards Agency and former Chief Executive of the Natural Environment Research Council. His areas of interest include ecology and behaviour, and the relationship between science and policy.

Professor Hugh Perry

Hugh Perry is Professor of Experimental Neuropathology at the University of Southampton and Director of Southampton Neuroscience Group. Currently Chair of the Wellcome Trust Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience Committee. His research interests include interactions between the immune system and nervous system in health and disease and neurodegenerative disease.