If something is unnatural, does that make it bad or wrong?

What does natural mean anyway?

Unpacking what different people mean when they describe something as natural or unnatural could help us to have more constructive conversations about developments in science and technology. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics and Apples and Snakes are calling on poets from across the UK to help us to explore ideas about naturalness in a creative way. We are looking for poems that explore, delve into and reveal the meaning of the words natural, unnatural, nature and similar words in the context of debates about science, technology and medicine. What do people mean when they say genetic modification is wrong because it’s unnatural, or food that is natural is better for you? We want to share these poems to engage others in the conversation, so we are looking for poets to perform their work at a public event in London on Monday 30th November 2015. The event will be filmed and shared online. Find out more about the competition, read our terms and conditions and background information.