Genetic screening: a supplement to the 1993 report


Published 12/08/2006

Genetic screening 2006
This supplement to our 1993 report on genetic screening summarises scientific, technological and policy-related developments that have taken place over the past 13 years in the UK.

The Council’s first report, Genetic screening: ethical issues, was published in 1993. In 2006, we published this supplement which summarises the scientific, technological, and policy-related developments that have taken place in the 13 since the publication of our first report.

Developments include:

  • major advances in science and technology in the field of genetics;
  • consideration by government of the implications of developments in genetics for policy;
  • establishment of the UK National Screening Committee and the Human Genetics Commission (HGC);
  • discussion of how to introduce new programmes for genetic screening for the population;
  • growth of genetics services to patients and families, in the UK and elsewhere;
  • publication of the Government’s White Paper on Genetics in 2003; and
  • monitoring of ethical and social issues relating to insurance and employment by the HGC and other bodies.