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  • Jen Persson   

    Super summary and perhaps the challenge now, is how to find the place for 'sober public reasoning to take place.' When the programme has global media weight at its disposal, poor communications is not an excuse. Why is there no opt out communications as there was with the SCR ( I also wonder if the dot is to differentiate with the US, where care data is regularly the term used for similar data and it makes it hard to search for as an Internet search term without it. That said, we should ask, 'why was the name, not used at all in public facing communications materials?' It makes it very hard to discuss with friends and family, when you have to use a whole sentence to explain the concept. You have put very succinctly what many feel, and I hope for one that you or the NT could play a role in representation perhaps. It's not the dot that concerns me, so much as all the leadership talk of 'poor communications' which completely misses the point.

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