Our in-depth inquiries are the cornerstone on which our reputation for high-quality and influential contributions has rested.

In-depth inquiries into developments arising from biological and medical research have been our core activity since we were established in 1991.

The thorough nature of these in-depth projects means that they usually take 18-24 months. Our inquires are overseen by a multidisciplinary working group, which is chosen by the Council. Each inquiry is informed by extensive consultation and research. At the end of an inquiry, we will usually publish a report with conclusions and recommendations for policy and practice.

You can find all of our previous reports or publications on a range of bioethics topics, many of which have been influential in informing policy, practice and public debate.

Current in-depth inquiries

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The future of ageing

What does it mean to ‘live well’ in old age? This enormous question is a starting point for our latest inquiry which will explore ethical questions in relation to the role of science and technology in helping people live well in old age.


All of our completed in-depth inquires are available to read and download via the publications menu.