The Nuffield Council on Bioethics has launched a call for evidence to inform its inquiry into the use of genome editing techniques in farmed animals.

We are seeking out views on the following areas:

  • Current research
  • Socioeconomic context
  • Ethics
  • Law, regulation, and policy

This includes finding out more about research that is currently happening, the societal challenges that genome editing technologies might be used to address, ethical considerations, and views on the appropriate regulation and policy for genome editing applications in farmed animals.

In January 2019, we established a multidisciplinary working group to carry out this project, chaired by John Dupré, Professor of the philosophy of science, University of Exeter and Director, Egenis. The inquiry will run for approximately 24 months.

At this early stage in the project, we’d like to hear from a diverse range of organisations and people, particularly those working in farming, food science, veterinary science, animal genetics, agricultural economics, public views, ethics and law.

The call for evidence is open to everyone, and the deadline for responses is 20 September 2019. Responses will be influential in shaping the development of the working group’s report.

Any enquiries can be directed to