We are delighted to announce that Dr Barbara Prainsack has started a six month fellowship working with the Council on the theme of “Solidarity as a core value in contemporary bioethics”.

The fellowship is jointly funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Nuffield Foundation and administered by the Economic and Social Research Council. Dr Prainsack will be exploring the use of solidarity as a major value in bioethics in the context of the changing role of bioethics in policy discussions.

Barbara Prainsack cropped(1)

Dr Prainsack is a Reader in Medicine, Science & Society at the King’s College’s Centre for Biomedicine & Society. She is a political scientist whose main research interest lies at the interface of science, politics, and society.

She has worked on the governance of genomics in medicine and forensics. She also has significant policy experience, for example as a member of the National Bioethics Council in Austria and as the UK member of the European Co-operation in the field of Science and Technology (COST) Domain Committee for Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health.

Dr Prainsack said of the project: “Focusing on the meaning of solidarity is important in bioethics and also in light of the economic crisis. We are currently in a political climate where many feel that solidarity has lost currency and people are left to their own devices”.

We expect to publish a report on the findings in autumn 2011.

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