MPs, peers and civil servants attended a Parliamentary Briefing organised by the Council in the House of Lords on 18th October 2005.

Baroness Perry of Southwark chaired the event and Dr Timothy Morris, Professor Jonathan Wolff, Professor Bob Combes and Ms Michelle Thew presented the findings of the Report and took questions from the audience.

Members of the Working Party also met with a number of MPs on an individual basis to discuss the Report’s conclusions in relation to the new EU chemicals legislation (REACH). In November 2005, Dr Ian Gibson MP tabled a parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) welcoming the Report and supporting the Council's concerns about the potential impact of REACH to greatly increase animal testing:

“That this House welcomes the report from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics on The Ethics of Research Involving Animals as a balanced contribution to a controversial debate; shares the Council's concerns about the potential effect of new EU chemicals legislation in greatly increasing animal testing; and agrees with its recommendations to make the maximum use of data-sharing, to develop alternative means of testing chemicals, and to search for ways to continue reducing and refining animal tests to improve both science and animal welfare.”

By the end of the 2005-06 parliamentary session the EDM had received 72 signatures of support. The list of MPs that signed the EDM can be accessed here.

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