Today, the Council is co-hosting a workshop to discuss how the ‘suggestions for action’ made in the Council’s report on the culture of research are being or should be taken forward by higher education institutions (HEIs) and the research community as a whole.

The workshop, which is taking place at Aston University in Birmingham, was organised by the Council in collaboration with Universities UK, the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) and Aston University. Approximately 50 participants are due to take part, including pro-vice chancellors for research, heads of department and senior staff of research support offices at UK HEIs.

Questions for discussion at the workshop include:
  • How can appraisal systems become more sensitive to the full range of researchers’ professional work?

  • How can high quality peer review service be recognised or rewarded?

  • What practical steps can universities take to embed research integrity and ethics within the heart of academic research?

  • What can universities do to minimise pressures and incentives that may result in researchers compromising on research integrity and ethics?

  • What steps could universities take to better support researchers at the early stages of their careers?

  • How can universities better promote and support researchers looking to move into alternative careers?

The programme is available to download here.

This is the first of two workshops following up the suggestions for action made in the Council’s report. The second will take place later in the year and will be for a wider set of stakeholders, such as funding bodies, publishers and editors, learned societies and policy makers, as well as research institutions. The outcomes of this first workshop focusing specifically on what HEIs can do will feed into the second workshop.

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