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Current Project

Current project

A project aimed at developing a UK model for applying ethical standards to genomics initiatives.

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Project Background

In its Genome UK strategy, the Government committed to establishing a gold standard UK model for how to apply strong and consistent ethical and regulatory standards, while recognising the need for more discussion on how to achieve this in a meaningful way.

We are helping to facilitate those discussions, and have started by collecting case studies of existing and past work from the UK’s rich ecosystem of world-leading expertise on the ethical issues raised by genomics.

Our analysis and findings will help the Government develop a UK model for how to apply ethical standards to genomics initiatives.

Our call for case studies closed on 5 September 2022 but if you would like to contribute to this project please contact Catherine Joynson.

This work is funded and led by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

Project lead

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Catherine Joynson

Associate Director

Catherine is part of the senior management team. She is responsible for leading a range of Council projects including the active response programme and its horizon scanning work.