Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine: ethical issues


Published 15/11/2006

CCD front cover
This report discusses the ethical, legal and social issues raised and proposes guidelines on giving intensive care to babies born before 26 weeks.
Baby incubator

The Council published a report in 2006 which examines the ethical, social, and legal dilemmas raised by fetal and neonatal medicine.

When making decisions about a newborn baby, in many instances there will not be an answer that is clearly ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The report concentrates upon how a decision should be arrived at and who should make the decision.

The report was produced by a Working Party which included neonatologists, an obstetrician, a children’s nursing professor, philosophers, social scientists, lawyers, a health economist, and individuals who have worked with families of extremely premature babies and disabled children.