Stem cell-based embryo models

Current Project

Rapid review

A rapid review project exploring the ethical and regulatory issues raised by research using human stem cell-based embryo models.

Human embryo culture

Aims and objectives

Project aim

To deliver credible and well-informed analysis and robust, evidence-based recommendations for the governance of research involving human stem cell-based embryo models in the UK.

Specific project aims

  • To identify and review the most up-to-date evidence and analysis of:
    • Current and potential near future capabilities and applications of stem cell-based embryo models in research.
    • A diverse range of views on the ethical issues raised by human stem cell-based embryo models.
    • The suitability of possible regulatory or other oversight models.
  • To develop robust and proportionate recommendations for relevant decision-makers and audiences.
  • To inform future policy and practice in relation to stem cell-based embryo model research. 

Primary project objectives   

  • To deliver a number of evidence-gathering activities, which might include literature reviews, meetings or workshops, as needed.
  • To produce a short report summarising the evidence considered, the working group’s analysis of key issues, and proposed next steps (including recommendations).
  • To engage key stakeholders, which might include government, media, and decision-makers (including professional bodies) on the findings of this project, with the intention of informing policy as well as future debates in this area.