News for Neurotechnology

Ethics of brain stimulation at Cheltenham Science Festival

5 June 2014

A packed audience heard Ilina Singh and Vincent Walsh of the Council’s Working Party on novel neurotechnologies speak about the science and ethics of brain stimulation at a Cheltenham Science Festival event on 3 June.

New guidance on transcranial magnetic stimulation echoes Council’s call for more evidence collection

23 January 2014

New guidance from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) reflects some key recommendations of the Council’s report on novel neurotechnologies.

New brain treatments: proceed with care

Press Release

24 June 2013

New technologies that can help people with serious disorders affecting the brain are needed, but must be used in ways that put the care and safety of patients first, says a report by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

Launch of 'Novel neurotechnologies: intervening in the brain'

3 June 2013

The Council will publish a report on the ethical issues arising from the development and uses of novel neurotechnologies on 24 June.

This report follows an 18-month inquiry chaired by Professor Tom Baldwin, Professor of Philosophy, University of York.

Trailer video for play on novel neurotechnologies

17 December 2012

The Council is collaborating on ‘Stunted trees and broken bridges’, the latest play from the Central YMCA’s national touring theatre company Y Touring. A trailer video for this production is now available.

Council to collaborate on neurotechnologies theatre project

13 August 2012

The Council will be an advisory partner on a new play, ‘Brainwaves’, which explores the ethical and social impact of developments in neurotechnology.

Ethics body seeks views on new wave of brain technologies

Press Release

1 March 2012

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics today launched a consultation on the ethics of new types of technologies and devices that ‘intervene’ in the brain, such as brain-computer interfaces, deep brain stimulation, and neural stem cell therapy.

New Working Party on novel neurotechnologies

18 November 2011

The Council has set up a new Working Party to consider the ethical issues raised by novel neurotechnologies that intervene in the brain such as deep brain stimulation, brain-computer interfaces and neuron replacement therapy.

This project aims to identify and explore the key ethical issues that are relevant to technologies at the early stages of translation from the laboratory to practical use.