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  • Theresa   

    I think one factor that has not received sufficient attention is not just the broader public good questions, but of actually facing head on the non scientific consensus on GM food safety. Stop skirting round it.
    There isn't a level playing field for scientific debate so in one sense you cannot say "once the relevant and available evidence is in." As things stand this is never going to/unlikely to happen unless there are significant changes, we need to start a discourse on how these level playing field changes can best be achieved. The corporate influence/other on science has to be acknowledged. This issue was subject to discussion in an All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology meeting in March 2015.
    How many members of the public (and academics) are aware of this?
    To me it seems many establishment academics little understand cross contamination issues. The public should take note.
    There are also revolving door issues to address in regulatory bodies.
    Thank you!

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