To help us with our latest project, we are inviting people to submit case studies with examples of working through ethical issues raised by genomics healthcare and research. We want to hear about the approaches you have taken so we can look for common themes and examples of best practice. Our findings will help the Government develop a UK model for how to apply ethical standards to genomics initiatives.

Case studies should describe the ethical issues you encountered, how you went about considering them, any challenges, and what the outcome was. We are more interested in what you did and the challenges you faced, than the answers you came up with.

We are looking for case studies from the past 10 years (2012-2022) across the NHS, Government, academia, and the charity and private sectors. We are primarily interested in examples from the UK, but international examples as comparators are welcomed.

Case studies should not include confidential information as they may be selected for publication. Please keep your case study to under 800 words and send to Catherine Joynson at by Monday 5 September 2022.

For more information please read our case study criteria, download the case study template. Information on the background and aims of the project that these studies will feed into is available here.