Our ethical compass - proposed in our report on global health emergencies as a way of using shared values to work through ethical dilemmas – is to be adopted as a guide for Research Ethics Committee processes in the Philippines.

The ethical compass is comprised of three widely shared values – helping reduce suffering, fairness, and equal respect – to help guide policy approaches, and provide a common language for thinking through ethical dilemmas arising on the ground during global health emergencies.

It was developed during our inquiry into how research can be conducted ethically during global health emergencies in the light of the experiences and evidence shared by those who contributed to our inquiry.

Our Assistant Director, Katharine Wright, who led on our research in global health emergencies work, presented the ethical compass at the 14th annual Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) week. We are delighted that the ethical compass is being used in the Philippines to guide researchers during global health emergencies, and hope that it will be adopted more widely.

Ethical compass diagram