AI and genomics futures

Current Project

Joint project with the Ada Lovelace Institute

This joint project explores how AI is transforming the capabilities and practice of genomic science, and what such a transformation could mean for people and society.
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Literature review

To inform our joint project with the Ada Lovelace Institute investigating the ethical and political economy issues arising from the application of AI to genomics, we commissioned a review of the literature and evidence relating to this area.

Current and emerging capabilities of AI-powered genomics, and associated ethical, legal and political debates.

By Dr Arianna Manzini, and Tim Lee, University of Edinburgh

Conducted over spring and summer 2022, this academic review focused on how AI is being applied and is hoped to be applied to genomic science, and the current ethical, legal, and policy debates concerning AI-powered genomics.

Any views expressed in the review are the authors' own and not those of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics or Ada Lovelace Institute.