Biofuels: ethical issues


Published 12/04/2011

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Exhaust emmissions
  1. To review:
    1. advances in the development of future generation biofuels, including the use of advanced plant breeding strategies, genetic modification and synthetic biology
    2. the potential of these advances to address climate change mitigation and energy needs and to contribute to economic development
  2. To identify and consider both the advantages and benefits, as well as the ethical, social, legal and economic implications of the development of such future generation biofuels, including:
    1. issues of environmental sustainability and protection
    2. impact on food security, particularly for the poor and vulnerable
    3. implications for the rights of workers and farmers in developing countries, including labour and land rights, and health effects
    4. issues surrounding land use for biofuel production
    5. implications for future generations
    6. implications in relation to intellectual property issues
    7. issues surrounding public acceptance of biofuels
    8. governance of future generation biofuels and related policy issues
  3. To consider the development and implementation of policies, legislation and governance that could promote the safe development and use of future generation biofuels
  4. To draft a report and make recommendations.