Cosmetic procedures: ethical issues


Published 22/06/2017

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A year on from the publication of our in-depth report Cosmetic procedures: ethical issues, we published a ‘one year on’ update. The update rounds up all of the work we have been doing in this area, and key developments since the report was published, particularly in relation to the 27 recommendations made in our report.

Read cosmetic procedures: one year on.


Since its publication, we have been working to strengthen the impact of the report’s findings and recommendations, including through:

  • Two meetings with Ministers to discuss the Conservative Party manifesto commitment to improve regulation and registration of those performing cosmetic interventions.
  • Working with members of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to raise key recommendations from the report in Parliament.
  • Responding to eight major policy consultations by Government departments, Parliamentary committees, and regulatory bodies concerning issues raised by our report.
  • Continuing to engage with regulatory bodies in regard to future regulatory developments, including the General Medical Council, Royal College of Surgeons,ASA, and Ofcom, as well as with private sector providers.
  • Organising a roundtable meeting that brought together a range of stakeholders to discuss promotion of quality across the surgical sector.
  • Contributing to national and international media stories, including through blogging and providing news content on our website.
  • Presenting the report’s findings at a number of events and meetings throughout the year aimed at both practitioners and academics working in the field.

Alongside these activities, over the past year we have noticed the increased attention this topic has received among politicians, regulators, and the media; and more high-profile reiteration of the concerns raised in the report around body image, social media use, and advertising. We are encouraged by the work of other organisations in continuing to bring attention to this area.