Human tissue: ethical and legal issues


Published 03/04/1995

Human Tissue Ethical and Legal Issues report cover

Positions correct at April 1995

Professor Dame Rosalinde Hurley (Chairman) (deceased 2004)

Professor of Microbiology, Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Postgraduate Medical School and Chairman of the Medicines Commission 1982-94

Mrs Kathleen Baker

Writer, counsellor and Vice President of Greater Manchester Relate

Professor Sir Colin Berry

Professor of Morbid Anatomy and Dean of the London Hospital Medical College

Professor Gerald Dworkin

Herbert Smith Professor of European Law, King’s College, London

Professor Trevor M Jones

Director-General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, formerly R&D Director of the Wellcome Foundation

Professor Ian Kennedy

Professor of Medical Law and Ethics, Head of the School of Law and President of the Centre of Medical Law and Ethics, King’s College, London

Mr Kevin Mooney

Solicitor with Simmons & Simmons specialising in biotechnology and patents issues

Dr Onora O’Neill

Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge