Pharmacogenetics: ethical issues


Published 22/09/2003

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Research in pharmacogenetics investigates how differences in our genes can affect our response to medicines.
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  1. To explore what pharmacogenetics offers now and is likely to offer in the near future. In particular to examine the effect of pharmacogenetics on:
    1. the design of medicines, the promotion of efficacy and safety in the administration of medicines to individuals;
    2. the conduct of clinical trials in the context of pharmaceutical research and development;
    3. clinical practice.
  2. To consider ethical issues specifically raised by pharmacogenetics. In particular to examine the following areas:
    1. consent, privacy and confidentiality;
    2. the management of information about the likelihood of response to treatment;
    3. the implications of differentiating individuals into groups based on the likelihodd of response to treatment.
  3. To consider the implications for the provision of healthcare.