Horizon scanning workshops

We organise horizon scanning workshops to explore broad developments relevant to the biosciences.

Our latest workshop, held in July 2019, brought together a range of people from many different disciplines to look at the future of science in crime and security. Participants discussed:

  • the key crime and security challenges for the 2020s and beyond
  • how scientific research and innovation is seeking to meet these challenges
  • ethical and social issues raised by these research directions, and
  • what role the Nuffield Council on Bioethics could play in public and policy debates about crime and security.

The first workshop, held in July 2018, examined the role that science and technology could play in meeting food sustainability challenges. Council member (at the time of the workshop) Sir Roland Jackson wrote an article for our blog on the issues that were discussed and the potential role of the Council in this area (see Unpacking the ethics of food sustainability: health, harmony and beyond).