In November and December 2016 the Council will be holding three scoping workshops to explore topics that it is considering, with the possibility of subsequent further work. The topics, which were prioritised following the Council’s Forward Look meeting in February this year, are:

The ethics of research on ageing

The aim of this workshop is to identify the key ethical and social issues raised by research that is seeking to slow or prevent ageing.

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Ethical challenges of pursuing research and scientific innovation in global health emergencies

This workshop will explore the ethical challenges of pursuing research and scientific innovation in the face of global health emergencies. It may cover research connected with responses to natural disasters and conflict, as well as to public health emergencies, such as those recently arising out of Ebola and Zika infections.Related links:

The '14-day rule' in human embryo research

This workshop will consider whether or not there may be persuasive reasons to review the legal time limit for maintaining human embryos in culture.

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The Council will be inviting participants with a range of perspectives to highlight and discuss some of the key ethical considerations that arise in relation to these areas. A note of each workshop will be published early in the new year.