Children and clinical research: ethical issues


Published 14/05/2015

CCR crop
  1. To consider whether the current systems for regulating clinical research strike the right balance with respect to:
    1. promoting understanding of childhood conditions and the availability of evidence-based treatments for children;
    2. the role children themselves should play in research decisions; and
    3. the proper protection of child participants.
  2. To consider, as may be necessary:
    1. how it may be ensured that appropriate priority is given to research that is most likely to benefit children;
    2. how the ethical acceptability of research projects should be determined, and the role of the various parties involved, including parents, in protecting children’s welfare;
    3. the relevance of a child’s ‘best interests’ or capacity to ‘benefit’ in the context of consent to research, as opposed to treatment;
    4. the importance of the international context;
    5. any other aspects of the direct or indirect regulation of clinical research in children that may be relevant.
  3. To draft a report and make recommendations as appropriate.