Dementia: ethical issues


Published 01/10/2009

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Public consultation

More than 200 people responded to our consultation, reflecting diverse views and providing useful and interesting information. The Council would like to thank everyone who contributed.

Deliberative workshop

The Council expanded its usual consultation process to include a one-day workshop with members of the public who had no special knowledge of dementia. Opinion Leader, a research-based consultancy, undertook the organisation and analysis of the event which took place in Birmingham on 5 August 2008, on behalf of the Council. 54 people attended on the day, recruited to form a representative sample of the UK population.

Download Opinion Leader’s report of the workshop.

Fact-finding meetings

As part of its research, the Working Party held a number of ‘fact-finding’ meetings with people with direct experience of living with dementia, and those working in the field of dementia. These included people with dementia themselves, carers, doctors, nurses, people working in social care, legal experts and ethicists. Members of the Working Party also visited the Bradford Dementia Group, Vale House specialist care home in Oxford and the Farnborough Alzheimer Café.