Research in global health emergencies


Published 28/01/2020

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When we launch a report, we tend to have a UK-based launch event to share and facilitate discussion of our findings. While this format works well for the majority of our work, it would go against the ethos of our latest report, Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues. The working group wanted to find opportunities to share and discuss our findings across the world, to engage and understand how different aspects of the report might be relevant and useful in varied contexts and environments.

Following the publication of Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues in February, we intend to hold a series of international events, one in each of the WHO regions, where we can share and discuss our findings with relevant stakeholders (researchers, funders, those affected by research, etc.). The first of these workshops took place with Sri Lankan partners in Sri Lanka in early March (meeting notes below).

COVID-19-related travel restrictions have made it impossible to hold further meetings in the immediate future, but we are planning events with partners and networks in Brazil, Liberia, and the Philippines. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, we hope to take these forward. We will update this page with details as they become available.

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Rethinking ethical research in emergencies – consultative meeting and College of Medical Administrators event

5 - 6 March 2020, Colombo, Sri Lanka