Research in global health emergencies


Published 28/01/2020

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Research Ethics Course 3

We, together with The Global Health Network, have created a free online course based on our report. A Spanish translation of the course is also available.

Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues is a specialist short course explores some of the core ethical issues that arise in the conduct of research in global health emergencies – from outbreaks of infectious diseases to natural and human-made disasters.

This course focuses on the particular challenges that arise in emergencies, and should be read in conjunction with relevant national and international ethics guidance and regulatory frameworks for health-related research with human participants. It also highlights how the ethical issues that arise in emergencies may sometimes go beyond those covered in traditional research frameworks, including for example, important considerations of duties of fair collaboration that arise between researchers, and duties of care to those working on the frontline.

Este curso corto especializado explora algunos de los problemas éticos centrales que surgen al realizar investigación en emergencias sanitarias globales.

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Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues course

The course is hosted by the Global Health Training Centre.