The ethics of research involving animals


Published 24/05/2005

Animal research report cover hugh res
Mouse cages from Understanding Animal Research library
  1. To review recent, current and prospective developments in the scientific use of non-human animals, including genetic modification or cloning
  2. To assess the ethical implications of these developments, and, in doing so, to consider arguments about the differing status of various non-human animals and the implications of such arguments on their use in research
  3. To examine ways of assessing the costs and benefits of the scientific use of non-human animals
  4. To assess ways of regulating and enhancing good practice
  5. To assess the ethical implications of using alternatives to animals in different fields of research
  6. To identify and review developments and differences internationally in the use of animals in research and its regulation
  7. To explore ways of stimulating public debate and providing information and education about the issues involved