The future of ageing

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Current in-depth inquiry

This inquiry is exploring ethical questions in relation to the role of science and technology in helping people live well in old age.

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Intergenerational roundtable event in Exeter

25 April 2022

The fourth of our future of ageing engagement workshops took place in Exeter, and involved a diverse, intergenerational group of participants - including colleagues of working group member, Ann Gallagher, from the Exeter Academy of Nursing.

Our researcher, Molly Gray, wrote up the key findings from the discussions into a short report.

The event consisted of 41 participants across eight roundtables. The majority of this group were college and university students (aged 16-25 years), with a smaller number of middle-aged and older adults (aged 50-70 years).

The roundtable event was split into two key discussions on the roles of both technology, and biomedicine (geroscience), in healthy ageing. For the first session, the film ‘Uninvited Guests’ was used as a stimulus for group discussions; and for the second session, another member of our working group, Janet Lord, gave a short presentation on geroscience. This presentation was aimed at encouraging participants to put forward any questions they may have had on geroscience and research.

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Future of Ageing - intergenerational roundtable event (Exeter)

With thanks to future of ageing working group members Ann Gallagher and Janet Lord, and everyone who participated in and supported this workshop.