Independent review: Disagreements in the care of critically ill children


Published 18/09/2023

An independent review of disagreements in the care of critically ill children.

Infant foot with IV line

Terms of reference

The review will consider:

  1. The causes of disagreements between parents/carers and healthcare staff, including those related to the strains of the situation on the people involved, the healthcare environment and culture, and the wider societal context.
  2. Examples of good practice in shared decision making and the features of healthcare environments that foster good, collaborative relationships between parents and healthcare staff.
  3. Potential barriers or challenges to good practice related to, for example, the provision of specialist services and dispute resolution measures, workforce capacity, capability and training, public information and education, and healthcare leadership.
  4. Gaps in knowledge relating to, for example, the effectiveness of dispute resolution interventions, that could be addressed through further research.
  5. National or regional level solutions and actions that could help avoid disagreements or resolve them more quickly in future.